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How to be AUTHENTIC !?


How to be Authentic? ...........

What does being AUTHENTIC even mean?

It means being Real, being True, being Genuine.

Being Authentic means being the truth of who you really are at the core of your being, at the depth of your soul, simply being who you are meant to be, doing the things you are meant to be doing.

Let me know using the poll below ; Are you being Authentic?

Do you feel that you live your life being AUTHENTIC to YOU ?

  • 0%YES, FOR SURE !



  • 0%NO !

I'm going to guess that if you are still here reading this, you are curious or really need to know How to be more authentic.

My first response to that question is simple. Don't TRY to be anything. Don't LEARN how to be someone or "something". Sure you can learn some skills, but know that that does not define you.

Just be yourself!

That's how you are authentic.

You shouldn't have to LEARN how to be yourself, but we are kind of, sort of, at that point. You are here, reading this post on "HOW to be authentic?" Right?

I guess what we actually need to do is eliminate what is blocking us from being authentic.

What is blocking us??? Where have we gone wrong???

Here's what I think...

This is where we have gone wrong.

By following everyone but ourselves, by listening to all the voices but our own, by looking at others instead of looking at ourselves, by doing everything we thought we "should" do, and by trying to be anybody else but ourselves. We have created a life that is for some, far from authenticity and for others, VERY FAR from authenticity. We think we need to be like this and be like that, and do this, and do that.


Because that is just what everybody else is doing? Because that's what we are told to do? What about you? What about the real you? What about the authentic you?

In this blog post, I'm going to tell you 5 reasons why I think we keep being INAUTHENTIC along with some questions to ask yourself, maybe even journal on if that feels right to you. Give yourself time and space to think about these questions so you can align to what is TRUE, AUTHENTIC, and REAL to YOU <3



We are trapped by our limited thinking. WE LIMIT OURSELVES IN OUR OWN MINDS. We keep repeating patterns, doing the same thing over and over, as individuals and as a society. We see people going to school, getting college degrees, getting jobs, buying houses, getting married, blah blah blah ............ I mean , sorry.... If that is 100% what YOU WANT to do and that makes you happy, good on you! You do that! The problem with this in my opinion, (and I'm only using 1 of many examples), is that SO MANY repeat the patterns, do the things, WITHOUT even questioning their own beliefs, without asking themselves if this is what they TRULY want for themselves, and for their lives.

Like, seriously,

With everything you are doing in your life, all of the decisions you are making for yourself and your life,


Is this what I want for my life? Is this true to ME? Is this true to my soul? Is this true to my souls journey? Is this aligned with who I really am? Why am I doing this?



Just like we limit our thinking in our minds, we limit our BELIEFS! They can sound close to the same I guess, because what we think, turns into a belief, but we do not have to believe everything we think.

If we limit our thoughts by repeating the same patterns, not questioning any of it, we are not expanding, we find ourselves inside a box, and we are not pushing ourselves to explore outside of that box, we are limiting our experiences, we are limiting how we live our lives, we are simply not even giving ourselves the chance to explore being anything but what is in that box. A box we didn't even create. That box we find ourselves in, it is already filled with made up beliefs by others.

We believe one thing to be true, and we stop there. We do not open up to possibilities outside of what we already know, therefore we block ourselves from being authentic and believing what could be true to us.

It can take time to uncover your true beliefs, but it is also very powerful, and freeing.


What do I believe about myself? What do I believe to be true about my life?

What do I believe to be authentic to me?

What are MY Beliefs???

#3, #4, AND #5


I mean at the end of the day, I believe it all comes down to this one thing that kind of sums up and explains all the other reasons why we may be inauthentic.............. FEAR

Fear comes from Ego, Shame comes from Ego, Ego comes from Fear, Limited thinking, Limited beliefs, they allllllll come from Fear.

At least this is how I see it...

We are fearful of how things will turn out if we are fully ourselves and not like others want us to be.

We are fearful of how people are going to perceive us.

We are fearful of how others will feel if we show up authentically.

We feel shame because our Ego tells us we cannot be different.

We feel shame because we step outside the box.

We feel shame because we dare to be different than everybody else, but what about OURSELVES?

Your Ego keeps you stuck.

Your Ego tells you stories that are not even real.

Your Ego is fearful, AND shameful.

Fear, Ego, and Shame, don't let them win the game.


Who am I without Fear? Who am I without Shame? Who am I without Ego?

In Love, in Spirit, and in Joy, WHO AM I ???

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